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Elizabeth Wergin is a doctor of physical therapy with a newly discovered entrepreneurial spirit. In March of 2018, she made the decision to resign from her stable job at a local outpatient physical therapy clinic and open up her own holistic physical therapy clinic, Juniper Physical Therapy, LLC. This decision was preceded with a history of uncertainty, but her direction became crystal clear after she was inspired to tune in and truly listen.

Elizabeth believes in approaching healthcare in a holistic manner, meaning effective care must not separate your body into parts, but should look at the complete package of your body and all of its intricate connections.

She offers a naturopathic environment and ensures that her clinic is as eco-friendly as possible, understanding that every chemical can potentially play a role in one’s overall health and the health of our earth.  Elizabeth provides collaborative care as she works in conjunction with other alternative medicine professionals, such as massage and yoga therapists. Juniper Physical Therapy’s mission is to help restore your active happy self as you navigate through the twists and turns of life and promises to do this without compromise, with honest integrity, and with environmental and social consciousness. 

In this episode, Elizabeth shares how she learned to trust her gut, recognize her calling, and ultimately to choose her path with confidence.

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Episode 11: Dr. Elizabeth Wergin, Juniper Physical Therapy
June, 2018

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