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Episode 13: Jennifer Estrada
January, 2019

Women have such powerful wisdom to share about career, relationships, fear, love, 
raising children, politics, travel, well-being, wonder, and so much more. We need to hear 
women's voices, from all walks of life, much more often. The learning from each of our journeys 
creates threads of connection that help us thrive, both individually and collectively.

​​​Women Om Wisdom Podcast

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In 2018, Jenni ran an energetic, forward-focused campaign running for the Wisconsin 25th District Assembly seat. While she did not win that seat, she showed those in her sphere and beyond what it looks like to run a campaign, which is all encompassing, while being a single mom raising five children and working three jobs.

Jenni’s childhood gave her a different perspective on life. She grew up watching her single mother battle addiction and, at a young age, had to be a second mom to her younger siblings. Later, she moved through multiple foster homes.

All her life, she has worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. In 2011, Jenni’s husband was deported to Mexico, so she is the sole caretaker for her five children. Every day, Jenni fears what would happen if she gets sick or hurt on the job. She works for a not-for-profit organization and has two part-time jobs (roofing and sealcoating driveways), none providing healthcare coverage. 

When I met Jenni, I could see that she is someone who has the fire in her belly to make things happen. She wants to make things better for everyone, and she’s not afraid of the hard work it will take to get there. 

Today, Jenni will share what she has learned from life’s challenges and opportunities and how she uses the wisdom she’s gained for the benefit of her own growth and others.

To learn more about Jenni, visit her website at https://www.jenniforassembly.com

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