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Episode 19: Leslie Boyd
August 2019

Women have such powerful wisdom to share about career, relationships, fear, love, 
raising children, politics, travel, well-being, wonder, and so much more. We need to hear 
women's voices, from all walks of life, much more often. The learning from each of our journeys 
creates threads of connection that help us thrive, both individually and collectively.

Leslie Boyd is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Career and Executive Coach with a wealth of experience and expertise in business and the arts. For more than three decades, she enjoyed a fulfilling career as a business executive, art curator, writer and community builder with a focus on the art and culture of Canada's North. Working between Toronto, Ontario and Cape Dorset, Nunavut, she managed the arts division of the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative and its marketing office, Dorset Fine Arts - one of Canada's preeminent indigenous arts organizations. When her own career moved into transition, Leslie learned first hand how thought provoking and fruitful it was to have support from an Executive Coach. The experience was so rewarding, it became the genesis of Berkeley House Coaching and her encore career.

Active listening and building trust are key coaching skills that come naturally to Leslie. She supports all stages of career development, from millennials embarking on their first careers to experienced professionals exploring their next steps. She is also a Mentor Coach to people in leadership positions. Leslie draws from a broad range of tools and techniques acquired over years of experience and training to find the best approach for each client. Working with wisdom, perspective and good humor, she helps clients discover their strengths, clarify objectives, set goals and reach them.

Leslie's enthusiasm for facilitating change reaches beyond the field of coaching into the larger community. She holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto, specializing in Co-operative and Community Development in Northern Canada. She is an advisor to Canada's national Inuit Art Foundation and has worked with both government and not-for-profit organizations toward community and economic development within Indigenous communities. She is also a freelance writer and curator in the field of Inuit art. In 2017, she opened her own Inuit art gallery - Inuit Fine Art - in Port Hope, Ontario. To learn more, contact Leslie at leslieboyd@inuitfineart.com.

In addition to her many professional interests, Leslie loves gardening, cooking, reading and singing. She and her husband, a professional musician, live atop the Oak Ridges Moraine in southern Ontario and divide their time between Millbrook and Toronto. Together they have four daughters and their home is filled with good food, great music, and lively conversation.

In this episode, we talk about Leslie's intentionally unconventional career path and how it all began, her decision to go to grad school in her early 30s, what she does to get herself centered, the learning that came from losing her job after 30+ years with the same organization, what she's looking forward to in the next year, personally and professionally, and so much more.


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