Let’s have a conversation, and explore the possibilities. 

My experience with Laurie is helping me think through and prepare for the next big pursuit in my career.  Having always been the “number two” in various organizations the past twenty plus years, I’m ready to think about how to prepare myself for being “number one,” - the President and CEO.  Laurie enabled me to really narrow in on my strengths and values.  Once these were identified, we worked together to think through how to present my talents and promote my skills and accomplishments without coming across as prideful or boastful.  I’m excited to think about what my future may entail, and I’m more confident heading into the next journey.

~ Michelle S.

Laurie is thoughtful, patient and compassionate. She uses powerful Imagery and is masterful with pause and silence. I definitely gained clarity during a time when I needed it. There is so much to sort through these days, and I am grateful that Laurie was available to me to help make sense of it all. I really loved her use of imagery and her calm, even demeanor. Very soothing for my somewhat scattered self. Laurie is a highly skilled coach with a keen ear and a compassionate approach that will put even the most anxious clients at ease. She is generous and totally nonjudgmental, while also listening and reflecting attentively. I highly recommend her for clients seeking a safe harbor during a storm. She is wonderful.
~ Merritt M.

Laurie calm demeanor is grounding, and it's clear that she is giving her full attention to the moment.  Her manner is so neutral that I released my concern about whether she agreed with me or not, approved, etc. This helped me relax and accept my situation with more freedom.
~ Betsy C.

As I moved into a position of leadership in my organization, I was faced with a number of challenges.  Laurie's coaching was exactly what I needed to work to become a better manager of people, leader in my business and overall person.  As I entered a coaching cycle with Laurie, I was open-minded and wanted to be better and she helped me see where I could grow and how to make that growth happen.  Working with Laurie and using her techniques, taking her advice and growing on my own has developed me into a much better leader in my job and in my private life.
​~Jeff D.

What I love about Laurie is she is just like a great friend-someone who genuinely cares, there to listen, challenges you to think differently, and helps you come to some pretty great a-ha's about yourself. All this to help move your life in the direction you desire. I am truly grateful our paths have crossed! 
~ Michelle S.

Amazing! Gifted! Shocking! Blessed! Grateful! These are just a few words that describe my journey with Laurie. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made my first contact.  I felt so lost I was willing to try anything!  And now- It’s difficult to find words to express how grateful I am I did and how incredibly thankful I am to her. She has an amazing ability to walk you through darkness and into the light. Her gentle compassion, non-judgmental spirit, and gifted insight lead you on journeys you didn’t know were there and opens you up to a clearer vision on all the wonderful possibilities in front of you. We get stuck in our own deep struggles and it’s shocking how she has the ability to help you break things down and simplify it into a moving forward moment. It’s such a blessing. 
​~Sheri M.

The insight I found into my personal direction and goals was unbelievable when working with Laurie. She has such a way of helping you to uncover your true path in life. I truly believe she has a gift. While working with her I found it easier to outline my short term and long term goals in a very clear picture. If you are thinking about life coaching Laurie is definitely a great resource. I highly suggest her services.
~Brittany S.

Coaching with Laurie was energizing for me and allowed me to put myself first and dig deep into what I wanted out of life. She assisted me in getting rock solid on my core values, putting to paper my non-negotiables so that I could refer back to those as opportunities arose and silence the noise of life. I learned valuable tools on how to prioritize my schedule, ensure I stay on task, and how to self talk when life becomes noisy and overwhelming; all of which I still refer back to and use in my business today.
~Patti R. 

Laurie had a great ability to sense, through our discussions, where my energy was low or high and then focus on the area where it would be the most beneficial to dive deeper.  That technique is something that I have carried forward for myself.  Today, I am much more aware of how I am feeling on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis and realize when I need to take some personal time to "right the ship" through meditation, visualization or some other tool.  This has been invaluable in my personal life and as I currently work to build a couple of  businesses.
​~Chris S.

As a participant in her 30 minute coaching program, I was beyond grateful. I didn't realize how impactful it could be - even when I didn't know what I was saying. At the end of each appointment, I was amazed that there was some discovery or forward movement. 
~Liysa C.

As your coach, I will help you:

  • set goals that naturally motivate you
  • create momentum and enthusiasm
  • tap into your intuition
  • develop new skills that lead to greater success
  • break through blocks and accomplish more with less effort​

I will cheer you on as you work toward your goals and hold you accountable to what you say you're going to do. Just as important, we'll be sure to have fun on the journey. 

If you've been doing it solo, you might be pleasantly surprised to experience what you can accomplish with a coach!

Client Testimonials

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