To deepen awareness and serve as a catalyst for personal and global transformation.

I believe that millions more women coming into their power will bring about a kinder, gentler, more compassionate and just world where all people have the opportunity to reach their potential.

To empower one million women to create a future they desire.

To provide transformational coaching and learning experiences that inspire women to own their power, make meaningful changes in their lives, and thrive.

Presence - We all want to be seen and understood. I commit to being in the moment, right alongside you; meeting you where you are, without judgment; and being fully focused on you and your potential.

Results - With a focus on the future, we will identify meaningful and measurable goals, monitor progress, make adjustments where necessary, and celebrate your learning and successes along the way.

Abundance Mindset - There is more than enough in this world for everyone. I commit to thinking big, sharing knowledge, helping you make connections, being grateful, supporting your growth, embracing change, being proactive, and learning continuously.

Healthy Living - To bring myself fully to every engagement with you, taking good care of my mind, body, and spirit is essential. I commit to nourishing myself with mindfulness practices, healthy eating, yoga, intentional reflection, and connection with family, friends, and community.

Integrity - Living with integrity is the value that supports all others; it is about bringing my authentic self to every relationship and situation. I commit to honesty, consistency, kindness, and compassion in my words, actions, decisions, methods, outcomes and in my way of being in the world. 

My Vision, Mission, & Values