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Barbara Bundy-Jost

​Episode 30

October, 2020

Women have such powerful wisdom to share about career, relationships, fear, love, 
raising children, politics, travel, well-being, wonder, and so much more. We need to hear 
women's voices, from all walks of life, much more often. The learning from each of our journeys 
creates threads of connection that help us thrive, both individually and collectively.

Barb has spent the better part of her life working for the Manitowoc Public School District as an art teacher, a 21st Century Communications team teacher, an International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator and Visual Art Teacher and IB's Creativity, Activity and Service Coordinator. Her days are filled with activities that inspire community youth to create, contribute and value the world in which we all live.
In this episode, we talk about the joy of teaching, what Barb has learned about young people during her 30+ years in the classroom, and what her students have taught her about herself.
We also talk about the strong female influences that she grew up with in her mother and grandmother ~ feisty Irish women who spoke their mind and did things their way.
We discuss the learning from spending most of your life not asking for help and then discovering how uplifting and freeing it can be, for yourself and those you ask, when you get comfortable reaching out.
We concluded with Barb sharing her perspective on the power of women, what wisdom she would share with her younger self, and what she’s looking forward to in the next year.


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