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Women have such powerful wisdom to share about career, relationships, fear, love, 
raising children, politics, travel, well-being, wonder, and so much more. We need to hear 
women's voices, from all walks of life, much more often. The learning from each of our journeys 
creates threads of connection that help us thrive, both individually and collectively.

Erin LaBonte is an artist, educator, traveler, and overall lover of learning. Erin served as associate professor of art at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI for nine years and is co-founder of Yonder, an art space in Algoma, WI.  She enjoys creating art in her studio, where her work is ever varying stylistically and transforming through experimentation with medium. Her subject matter is consistent. Erin makes work about women. Her work explores aspects of the feminine, and she hopes it is empowering and relatable. 
Erin is an advocate for bringing art to public spaces and community engagement. She has led more than 30 mural projects in the last five years. She thinks it is important for art to be part of our daily lives and infrastructure. Her interest in engaging and building community through the arts is a major component of Erin’s teaching philosophy. As an educator, she encourages students to participate in the world around them and be an active agent for positive change.  

Erin spent several years abroad and continues her passion for traveling. She recognizes that she learns best through experience and has picked up Spanish and other tools along the way. She loves to paddle and go for hikes with family and friends.  Erin recently became a mother and wife and is enjoying these new adventures.  


Find Erin at:

Website: Erin LaBonte Public Art

Instagram: Yonder Art Land

Facebook: Yonder Art Land

LinkedIn: Yonder Art Land

Website: Yonder ~ A Creative Art Studio

Community Murals

​​​Women Om Wisdom Podcast

Erin LaBonte

​Episode 31

November, 2020