Yengyee Lor

​Episode 29

September, 2020

Women have such powerful wisdom to share about career, relationships, fear, love, 
raising children, politics, travel, well-being, wonder, and so much more. We need to hear 
women's voices, from all walks of life, much more often. The learning from each of our journeys 
creates threads of connection that help us thrive, both individually and collectively.

​​I'm happy to share with you the September 2020 episode of the Women Om Wisdom podcast with my guest Yengyee Lor.

In this episode, you’ll feel Yengyee’s authenticity throughout our conversation. She’s joyful, she’s a deep thinker, and she so beautifully holds space for others, no matter the environment.

We talk about the meaning that comes from helping and seeing others succeed. In addition, when you truly enjoy giving to others, the importance of getting clear about what healthy boundaries look like and then honoring them.

We discuss the life lessons from divorce, committing to a healthy relationship with your former spouse, being a single mom, and what children can teach us about ourselves and how to be in the world.

We concluded with Yengyee sharing about the significance of relationships with other women in her life, what she dreams of achieving one day, and what she’s looking forward to in the next year.


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